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Here is the ALP stance on a few issues, see if you agree.

We support limited constitutional government.

We support the Bill of Rights for every individual.

We support a balanced budget.

We support the free market principle.

We are the only strong advocate of private property rights.

We support Alaskans managing Alaska’s land.

We oppose regulatory agencies writing the law.

We believe the IRS should be abolished and the income tax should be replaced with a flat or consumption tax!

We believe in the fully informed jury and jury nullification.

We oppose the Patriot Act, Homeland Security and TSA as well as all the legislation spawned by them  for they are clear violations of the Constitution.

We support the States use of nullification.

We believe the overburden of EPA Regulations is the single most detrimental factor to our state’s economy!

We stand opposed to Law Of The Sea Treaty  as it hands over sovereign rights on our coastal plain to the UN !

We oppose the UN Arms Control Treaty.

We oppose UN Agenda 21.

We oppose going to war without a declaration of war. The non-aggression principle states it’s not justified to initiate coercion with force, threats or lies.

For More Information Look At The ALP PLATFORM.

“If you want to change the direction of government, if you want to have your voice heard join the Alaska Libertarian Party. Here you will find an honest, straight forward principled approach to government. Look at the ALP PLATFORM for more information”

Mark Fish     Former Chair of the ALP

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The 2015 Libertarian Convention is set for May 9th. You can reserve your seat now by going to the Convention Donation page HERE.

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